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ALFA STAMPI designs and manufactures moulds for different moulding solutions: injection, compression, injection-compression, transfer, capillary and cold-runners injection for the production of a wide range of gaskets and rubber articles: O-rings, membranes, fairleads, frames, bellows, suction cups, washers, grommets, valves, bushings, sleeves, rubber-metal bushes, dn, nw, di, de.

Our moulds are used to produce technical rubber articles for the following sectors: automotive, motorcycle, household appliances, thermo-hydraulic, electro-mechanical, pumps, oil-pipelines, railway, marine and aerospace.


We prepare and sell ground plates in different size and material.
We manufacture prototype moulds, that is to say “test” moulds, inexpensive and easy to produce, with the aim to verify the feasibility of the same final mould.


Alfa Stampi  has machine tools for manufacture of steel plates by useing  electro erosion, and turning.
Our workshop is equipped with different CNC machining centres, with a working field up to 1800x750mm, with CNC lathes, electro discharge machining, grinding machines and various traditional machines.


Design and manufacture of moulds for rubber


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