Alfa Stampi was founded in 1984 in Adrara San Martino by Robertino Andreoli and Enrico Latini, two young entrepreneurs who have transformed their small workshop into a company with specialized workers who have been collaborating for 40 years.

The company is specialized in design and manufacture of moulds for the production of O-Rings and technical articles in different types of elastomer and hard silicone.

Located in the heart of the Sebino District, in the so called "Rubber Valley", well-known all over the world for its high specialization in the processing of rubber at 360 degrees, Alfa Stampi has been able to establish itself as a qualified supplier for national and international customers.

The workshop covers an area of 600 square meters and consists of a team of workers with specific tasks.




Alfa Stampi was born in June 1984 in Adrara San Martino, Bergamo. The company was established in a small space of only 50 m² with the first MAHO 700C milling machine.



In 1998 the company moved to the current building, occupying ¼ of the surface. In just 4 years the whole area was covered, more and more machines were installed, and the number of employees increased.


Over the years, the trend of our production has undergone a significant change. In 1984 the entire production was reserved for the production of moulds for O-rings and simple technical articles (e.g. washers, frames), and then gradually moved towards the construction of moulds for complex technical articles. This diversification has steadily and progressively increased over time and the number of moulds for complex technical articles currently exceeds 80%.



Today, Alfa Stampi is staffed by around fifteen collaborators with specific tasks and a constantly growing machine park.



Professionalism and seriousness, all in a courteous environment and always willing to understand with customers what are the most appropriate solutions.Our mission is to produce high quality moulds in short times, providing a fast and efficient service that is able to guarantee optimal answers for customers.Constant investments in technology and training of our team are the key to face the continuous evolution that requires more and more versatility and diversification.



Alfa Stampi wants to be the ideal partner for the design and production of moulds both globally and locally, by relying on passionate employees and trusted suppliers.

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Reliable suppliers, certified materials, constantly updated machines and careful controls are the result of years of dedication and passion for our work.Thanks to the three-dimensional control instruments and an internal metrological room, we release to the customer a dimensional control certificate of the mould.

ISO 9001:2015

In order to enhance our quality and process reliability, we are certified according to European standards ISO 9001:2015.


Our land is a precious resource that must be preserved, for this reason Alfa Stampi acts in different ways to support social responsibility projects able to promote initiatives of assistance and development of our area.We strongly believe in the contribution that companies can give to local associations and to sports and cultural activities.For this reason, we are proud to be part of this important network of activities that has developed in our district.We are also affiliated members of the “Associazione produttori Guarnizioni del Sebino” which, with the slogan "Together for the future", promotes and protects the company's production through support and R&D activities aimed at protecting the environment and the territory.