We offer a complete assistance and technical advice. The offered services are performed directly in house or in collaboration with our reliable partners.

Studies on filling and moulding simulations

Through the use of software that simulates virtually the moulding process and verifies the functionality of the mould even before it is actually produced, we are able to identify the best configuration to ensure the most efficient filling process. Thanks to these specific flow analyses, during the design phase we highlight any critical points in order to ensure the final result for the customer.

Mould trial

In collaboration with our partners, who have several machines with different characteristics, we do a first trial of moulding in order to test the mould and check its correct functionality.

Sampling of the article to be produced

In collaboration with our partners, who have several machines with different characteristics, we do, using the customer's compound, a first sampling of the article. This service allows us not only to check the efficiency of the mould, but also to optimize the normal sampling times of the customer.


We use different sandblasting methods according to the customer's needs, the surface to be treated and the result to be obtained.Sandblasting is a process that involves the use of a mixture of air / sand with different types of grain, which removes the material by impact and abrasion respecting the geometry of the part and the closure areas. This operation allows to accurately clean a surface from incrustations and residues or to obtain a finish that homogeneously defines the roughness of the mould surface.

Chroming and cleaning

Besides simplifying the detachment of the rubber and facilitating the cleaning of the mould, chroming protects against corrosion and oxidation, prolonging its life. Thanks to this service, our customers can choose the most suitable solution for their needs: glossy, matt and special are the types of chroming that allow to obtain optimal results during production. Moreover, we also offer a cleaning service, which consists in cleaning the mould with various techniques, removing any residues and making it shiny.

Heat and surface treatments

A process in which metals are exposed to one or more heat cycles, i.e. temperature variations, ranging from heating to cooling, depending on the duration. The aim is to give metals certain properties and technical specifications depending on their final use. We provide the most appropriate heat and surface treatment according to the customer's needs (hardening and nitriding are among the most requested).

Laser marking and surface texturing

In collaboration with our partners, who have the most advanced and high-performance machinery, we do laser marking and surface texturing in order to offer the customer a product that meets all requirements.

Rapid prototyping

With the use of a 3D printer, we are able to provide a rapid prototyping service aimed at highlighting the ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics that will be obtained on the final part.

Post-sales assistance

Our goal is to support customers during all production phases, for this reason expert and qualified technicians provide a high-quality post-sales assistance in order to meet the customer's needs in a flexible way, guaranteeing complete and prompt solutions for every request.